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Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023, 12-13 June Koblenz, Germany

Tackling the Global Challenges for the Energy Transition

General Information

The Helmholtz Energy Office is organizing the first Helmholtz Energy Conference in POF IV on June 12-13, 2023 in Koblenz. We invite all members of Helmholtz Energy, the Helmholtz Research Field Energy, to participate in this conference. Under the title "Tackling the Global Challenges for the Energy Transition", we offer them the opportunity to jointly discuss the challenges of energy research and present current progress. In this way, we would like to strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers and the networking within Helmholtz Energy.

We plan to set up a scientific program over five parallel tracks on the two conference days and to have a poster session. Participation is free of charge and registration to attend is also open now.

Here are the key points about the conference:

  • Monday, June 12, 2023 1:00 pm - Tuesday, June 13, 2023 4:30 pm: Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023 "Tackling the Global Challenges for the Energy Transition"
  • Venue: Rhein-Mosel-Halle, Koblenz https://www.koblenz-kongress.de/rhein-mosel-halle.html
  • Language of the event is English
  • Registration until May 22, 2022 via https://www.conftool.pro/helmholtz-energy-2023/
  • The Helmholtz Energy Office does not cover travel or accommodation costs. Participants are also responsible for booking their own accommodation at the venue in good time.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact the organization team at the Helmholtz Energy Office: helmholtzenergy@sts.kit.edu

Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023: Program

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Only members of the Helmholtz Research Field Energy and invited guests are eligible to participate. Participation is free of charge. Registration is possible at the following link: https://www.conftool.pro/helmholtz-energy-2023/


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