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Scientist of the month

Learn more about the people behind the research of Helmholtz Energy.

"I want to help make the energy transition a success story by providing knowledge for decision makers: scientifically sound knowledge for the energy transition, robust and resilient, and clearly communicated."

"Through our work as researchers, we have the opportunity to create innovation and impact, as well as be the designers of the future."


"Science offers me the great opportunity to always discover and learn something new while working. At the same time, we can find new, exciting solutions, with the chance to think outside the box together and enjoy giving free rein to creativity while thinking around corners."


"I am still very interested in testing further measurement techniques on foams. In particular, spatially resolved measurement of water contents, velocities, mechanical stresses or pressures are relevant to my research."


"My department comprises 15 employees, 7 of whom are doing their PhDs. I accompany and support this work, which is thematically broad, ranging from theoretical AI method development to the application of physical circular processes in industrial processes."

"Exploring the unknown drives me. It motivates me to look for solutions that no one has considered before and that can only be found by "thinking out of the box."

"I am someone who creates knowledge and it is important to me that it is useful for society. At least since I became a father, I also want to contribute to leaving a more livable sustainable world for my children."

"Since 2018, I have been working on the further development of recycling methods for lithium-ion batteries. In this context, my focus is on the recycling of the graphite contained."