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What is new in the Research Field Energy?

Joint ESD – MTET PhD Workshop

Our first joint ESD-MTET PhD workshop took place in Siegburg from 26 - 27 September 2023, attended by around 50 PhD students.

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Impressions from the Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023

On June 12 and 13, 2023, the Helmholtz Research Field Energy met at the first Helmholtz Energy Conference "Tackling the Challenges of the Energy Transition" in Koblenz.

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Ulrich W. Paetzold receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Funding is being provided for the "LAMI-PERO" project, which aims to establish a fundamental understanding of how perovskite thin films are formed under high pressure, and also to discover more stable and novel compositions of perovskite semiconductors to produce highly efficient perovskite solar cells and tandem solar cells.

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"Because Hercules will not come." Guest article by Holger Hanselka

Our society must now take a firm hand in the restructuring of the energy system. Science is standing by its side. A guest post by Holger Hanselka published on the blog of science blogger Jan-Martin Wiarda.

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Better safe than sorry: technological leap with tandem solar cells

In the laboratory, tandem solar cells achieve efficiencies that far exceed those of conventional silicon cells. Helmholtz researchers now want to bring the technology into application quickly.

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Acceleration project to give geothermal energy a boost

Heat from underground could cover up to 25 percent of our heating energy requirements. A new Helmholtz project aims to accelerate the large-scale use of geothermal energy.

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Balancing act energy transition: How to achieve a sustainable energy supply?

The energy crisis in the wake of the war in Ukraine shows how dependent we still are on fossil fuels. Our energy system must change fundamentally. And as quickly as possible.

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